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Marquee furniture for hire - Northants and surrounding areas

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Furniture hire and accessories. Modern furniture and fittings for all marquee types and sizes.


Choose from a variety of table and chair styles and compliment these with table covers, seat covers and various colour sashes from our comprehensive range of soft furnishings.

Seat covers and sashes

Hire seat covers and sashes when booking your marquee. Call for a quote.


How a marquee is lit can add to atmosphere to that special occasion. We provide a variety of lighting to choose from including up lights, globe lights and various coloured lighting.

capri marquee furnished using soft furnishings


We can install a variety of heating systems depending of the size of your marquee and the prevailing weather conditions. the options available are fan assisted, halogen and kerosine.


Choose from woven matt flooring or wooden dance flooring.

marquee furniture hire for wedding marquee

Entrance Walkways

Walkways are a great way to to bridge the gap between buildings and marquee making the marquee seem almost like another room. They not only look good but are functional by protecting guests from adverse weather as they enter the marque.

versatile capri marquees can be used without sides

capri and gala marquees hired and erected together

capri marquees compliment picturesque settings being errected